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Contrary to my previous off the cuff remarks, it appears that:

Hadji does surf.

Who knew?

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  1. DirtCrashr | February 28, 2007 at 7:01 pm | Permalink

    A couple years ago snorkeling at a remoter location on Maui we ran into a young Muslim couple at the beach who had their very young (1yr-ish) little son with ’em. The wife was wearing a full track-suit kind of get-up as required – nylon of some sort, and a headscarf. It was hard for her to get the snorkel-mask to fit over the scarf and still provide a tight seal, but she attempted it while the husband (watching the kid) simply looked-on with bored indifference. Walking across the sand in flippers is hard enough, the full-wet clothing just made it harder.
    In 85+ degree weather it was maybe cooler than Baghdad or Tehran, or Fresno even – but it was gladly shorts-and-t-shirts weather for my wife and me.
    Kudos or “something” I guess for bravery and going against the Mullah’s grain, but damn it’s clear that they set up so many social obstacles to their own happiness you can see that it just drives them bug-nuts crazy and pathologically jealous of other people who are free and don’t have a ridiculous in-built set of frustrations that pertains to every aspect of life.
    They’re derangedly messed-up – and I’m sure she would not have even been permitted to attempt it along Kannapali Beach where all the people would see her.