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To Hell With Team Sports

Today, my friend is talking sports.  While I do agree in principle that a ruling against dominant teams running up the score against weak teams is counterproductive and not useful, I do disagree with his claim that constantly losing is valuable.

Speaking as a guy who never, ever, ever, played on the winning team:  Bullshit.

In a long career of being stuck on losing teams, here's the valuable lessons I've learned:

  • Adults don't give a damn.  They will not help you become a better player, unless yelling 'hustle!' and 'throw properly!' is useful advice to you
  • Your teammates are useless, which means that…
  • …all that work you have expended on making yourself a better player is therefore wasted
  • You only exist to make another, better, richer team feel better about themselves
  • If you complain about this arrangement, you are insulted, dubbed a 'quitter' and otherwise mocked

And most of that crap, I knew already!  So, tell me, how do days upon days of humiliation, insult, belittling, heartbreak, physical pain and showering with other guys make me a better person? 

I have nothing to show for it.

I wish I could have every day I wasted on team sports turned into a day where I was reading, riding my bike, shooting, skiing in the woods or tinkering with some mechanical device. 

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