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Still Not There

Via TD, I see that STI has put their candidate for entry level 1911 up on the innernet.


First of all, that’s the ugliest slide engraving I’ve ever seen. Not only the company name, but the model name in huge-ass, deep letters, to advertise to the world that you bought the cheap STI and didn’t shell out for a real STI.

More seriously, it has an adjustable rear sight that looks like it can’t easily be substituted for a fixed sight. Adjustable rears belong on unserious gamer guns. Too many extra parts, they always get adjusted when you’re not looking, and most people can’t refrain from endlessly tweaking them, because it’s the sights that are off, not that your grip sucks or you’re flinching.

Speaking of sights, the fiber optic front will have to be replaced. The last thing I want on a pistol I’m taking a class with is a front sight that might melt on me.

We also have the full length guide rod, which serves no purpose on a 1911 other than to make it harder to field strip.

I suppose I can be thankful there are no additional locks or other devices on it.

I swear, on the altars of John Moses Browning and Buddah, I will never purchase a 1911 until there is one that meets my requirements:

  • Retail price under $700
  • Works reliably with ball and JHP loads out of the box, with no additional gunsmithing required
  • Beavertail grip safety and extended single side thumb safety
  • NO adjustable sights
  • NO MIM, plastic or cast internals
  • NO key locks or additional lockwork
  • NO full length guide rod, forward slide serrations, cheese grater checkering, extended mag releases, nor ambi-anything

Make that, and I will buy two! One in Gov’t size, and one with a 4″ slide. A light rail would be nice, but its absence would not be a deal breaker.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here. I think this is an acheiveable product given modern manufacturing and the bottomless appetite the market seems to have for 1911s.

Alright manufacturers and importers! You have your marching orders! Hop to it!