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A Turd By Any Other Name: Moore’s Machine Co. Is Now Bear Creek Arsenal

A year ago, my cousin made the mistake of buying a Moore’s Machine Co. AR-15 clone at the peak of the 2013 Great Panic. Fortunately, the retailer was kind enough to take it back unfired and let him walk out with the S&W M&P-15 he should have bought in the first place (which has continued to be a fantastic buy. It came out of the box zeroed, and was capable of 3″ at 100 yards with inexpensive steel cased ammunition). Before he took it back, he let me have a look at it, and I documented my findings in this post. Cliff’s Notes: Critical parts were built wrong, from substandard materials, finished and assembled incorrectly and that was obvious from just a cursory look. It was literally the shittiest AR-15 you could buy, except for maybe an Olympic or Hesse / Vulcan. That review has been one of the most linked-to posts that I’ve done in the last few years, gathering new hits as “great deals” on the MMC AR pop up here and there.

And much like fellow purveyors of junk, Hesse / Vulcan, MMC has changed corporate identities and is now trying to distance themselves from the MMC reputation by going as “Bear Creek Arsenal“. They’ve already appeared on Slick Guns and Classic Arms is also selling them. I have yet to see any of their products, but this kind of shady behavior is not done by legitimate companies selling quality rifles.

Folks, an AR is not an AR. There’s absolutely no reason to take a risk on a low dollar piece of junk like this when you can get an S&W M&P-15 for just a few dollars more, or a Colt 6920 for a $1000 sure thing. If you have extensive experience with the type and know that the exact configuration you want isn’t available off the shelf, then rolling your own might be an economical alternative as long as you’re not tempted to cut corners.

Buy once, cry once. Even if it’s only a “range toy”, buy something that won’t make you hate yourself every time you hit the range.

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  1. Dan Patterson | March 5, 2014 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    “You spends your money, you takes your chances”.
    Was that a Pogo quote?