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Oh, We Get Letters!

Well, IM’s and emails mostly, but I was queried about a few things recently that I thought deserved a post.

Don’t you have anything to say about this whole Zimmerman / Martin thingey?

Not especially. It’s all been said by people smarter and more eloquent than I, though none of it was in the popular media, who achieved a truly stupendous consistency and magnitude of error throughout the whole process. At some point, it stops being coincidence and becomes enemy action.

I do wonder why people seem comfortable with the expectation that a 19 year old woman can emerge from 10 years of public schooling and be functionally illiterate, incapable of any activity other than the receipt of charity. It seems to be related the same low expectation that a young man of a certain shade shouldn’t be approached or observed lest he flip out and start beating a guy’s head against the sidewalk. Do we really want to establish that following someone or even a verbal challenge is incitement to physical assault?

Martin was doomed by racism from the start, but not from where we’ve been told to expect it from.

Hey, what ever happened to Acceptable Combat Accuracy?

Herding cats happened. The site would only work if it was a collaborative effort, and all of my initially enthusiastic collaborators either fell silent or begged off. I don’t wish to sound bitter or blame them specifically, I understand fully that meatspace takes precedent over our digital existence, and it was hard to stay motivated about a site that would ensure we’d never get paid publishing jobs or even be something that we could monetize in the future. The site would never have worked as a crazy voice shouting into the wilderness, it really needed to have been a collection of crazy voices shouting into the wilderness. I’m working on other things now and ACA will probably die a quiet and unlamented death when the domain name renewal comes due.

Played any good games lately?

Why, yes! The acquisition of a second hand quad-core AMD CPU, motherboard, 8gb of ram and a ASUS 7850 promoted me into the glorious PC gaming master race from the lowly Xbox 360 console peasantry. Battlefield 3 is now the only game that I have ever bought twice, albeit on significant discount from Amazon. I’m not sure how the PC edition handles squadding up and such, but hit me up if you want to get your shitbucket on.

I also managed to acquire a few neat games off the Steam sale and will probably have more to say about them later.


This has been the longest and stupidest panic-driven shortage I’ve ever witnessed. My stocks of steel-cased 5.56 plinking ammo and 9mm brass cased ball have run alarmingly low. But like the swallows returning to Capistrano, I’ve been encouraged to see more and more ammunition, other than shotshells and hunting loads, staying on the shelves at Walmart longer than a sneezing fit. I even managed to pick up a few 100 round boxes of 9mm WWB the other day. I did notice that Federal 9mm is now $20/50, and it’s depressing to think that may be the new normal. I did finally manage to find some pistol powder, and have all the fixin’s I need for a case of .45 ACP, as soon as my 1911 comes home.

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  1. Tam | July 24, 2013 at 8:20 am | Permalink

    You know what the Resistance does to collaborators, right? :p

  2. Gladorn | August 14, 2013 at 10:44 pm | Permalink

    I’m hoping that this ammo shortage comes to an end. It bites when I have to skip a match because I can’t find the ammo or I can’t afford enough of it. (And I make it to few enough matches as is.)