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Firearms Training Scam Of The Day:

The only thing I like better than personally junking a bullshit firearms training scam outfit, is when somebody else does it for me! And today, Caleb dip-dip-potato-chips, with a bonus appearance from the scammer himself in comments! Read all about it at Gun Nuts.

Protip: You want a gen-u-whine dry fire program that’s guaranteed to improve your shooting and was developed by industry professionals and champion competitors? Here you go! And it’s free!

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  1. schavey | January 8, 2014 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    Pat blew his charlatan’s cover when he used terms like “hippocampus”, “muscle memory” and “mind”, erroneously. Yes, the hippocampus has important brain functions related to MEMORY, both recent and remote, BUT, there is no such neurological process as “muscle memory”. The human muscular system does not have “memory” capability, but the BRAIN does. One could think of the hippocampus as the hard drive of the brain, thus, once the training/learning takes place, repetition is merely overwriting the original.
    With respect to “mind”: No scientist has ever found one. If Pat has discovered one, proof will undoubtedly earn him a Nobel prize, and the $$ prize will enable him to remove his con job sales pitch from the internet.