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Beretta 1201FP Recap

I still see plenty of incoming hits to my older posts on the Beretta 1201FP autoloading shotgun, so I thought I’d organize the links here for future reference.

Initial review.

Loading the 1201 to 6+1 with an empty chamber, or “ghost loading”.

Further thoughts.

Most Benelli M1S90 parts apart from the barrel, furniture and magazine tube will interchange.

If you want to put the Benelli M1S90 pistol grip stock onto your Beretta 1201, the stock you want is the # 60046. You’ll need a deep 13mm socket on an extension to remove and replace. As it comes, the Beretta stock bolt is longer than the one on the Benelli so the sling mounting slot is blocked by the bolt and nut. I ended up using a VTAC A2 stock adapter and a Vickers VCAS as a sling, although the simple 1″ webbing strap attached around the wrist of the stock and to the magazine tube sling loop worked out okay and was cheap. I never did figure out a good way to put a white light on the gun, and the Tac-Star sidesaddle for the Benelli M1S90 does not fit. If you want a sidesaddle, I’d suggest a Benelli velcro sticker from 3 Gun Gear and either 3 Gun Gear or Esstac shell cards.

Along with my Remington 1100 riot gun, my M14 and a smattering of miscellaneous .22LRs, the Beretta was sold in pdb’s Great Rationalizing of 2012, to be replaced by ARs, and shotguns to be named later. Although there’s nothing wrong with having a diverse assortment of types in the armory, the different manual of arms and spare parts requirements was starting to drive me batty. The 1201 is a fine shotgun as it comes and probably one of the best out of the box autoloading 12 gauges for self-defense ever sold. They are still available on the used market with several police departments selling off theirs.

If you want a semi-auto shotgun for practical purposes you could do a lot worse, and I miss the stupid thing already.

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  1. FALaholic | June 6, 2013 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

    Just picked up a police trade in for $290 out-the-door. I don’t think I did too bad. It has some very minor rack wear but otherwise in excellent condition.

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