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One Last Thing (Until The Next Time He Does Something Stupid)

Okay, one more, more thing on this Yeager guy. After the Tennessee DHS slapped his wee-wee by taking away his concealed carry permit (which in TN, also means no open carry for him, either, whoops!), he finally saw reason and sat down with a lawyer friend to tape this mea culpa and rhetorical walkback. So hopefully this will be the end of this nonsense, unfortunately only after the horses left the barn and scared all the white folks. I am a little poorer for this whole event, having bet $5 on “Double down on stupid.”

Shortly after Sandy Hook, a friend asked me if I thought we should be more concerned about the enemy, or the quislings on our side. I unhesitatingly responded, our own side. We cannot do much about those who fear freedom, trying to logically argue a person out of an emotional position they arrived at irrationally is nigh on impossible. But there’s no reason to make it harder on ourselves by deliberately staking out positions that upset the tender hearted for no other reason than because we’re mad at the time.

The contrast between the sides is also instructive. Note that when someone notationally on the pro-freedom side says something stupid, he is immediately pilloried and corrected by his own allies. However, when a fascist in power does the same thing by threatening people with the full weight and violence of the state (including men with machine guns, armored vehicles, helicopter gunships, Predator drones, chemical weapons, etc), that’s somehow okay and a reasonable starting point for negotiations. Did Feinstein have her carry permit taken away for threatening lawful gun owners with midnight confiscation raids? Why not?

If this was an honest debate, we might hear someone on the other side chastise Feinstein for attempting to incite a civil war with her extremist positions.

But it isn’t, because the root word in “gun control” isn’t “gun”. It’s “control”. And the pro-government side will never admit that.

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