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The Remington 783 Might Not Suck!

I’ve repeatedly said that one of my favorite things about maintaining a blog is the opportunity to be proven wrong. And I suppose I was a little quick on the snark the other day when I preemptively ho-hummed Remington’s big Shot Show news for this year, the 783 centerfire bolt action rifle.

So more details have come out here and there, and the 783 looks like a well thought out budget rifle that checks off a lot of the must-haves in the price range while trading some weight for repeatable accuracy compared to the Ruger American. I’m not sure about the wild proliferation of trigger-within-a-triggers, but if that’s the price for getting the 5 pound lawyer out of the 700’s box, then bring it on. Remington will apparently keep the 770 in the line, squeezing the 783 into the barely $150 gap under the 700.

If Remington’s accuracy claims are true, and they manage to keep build quality up, I think it would be worth a look for a variety of uses. In particular, I think a 20″ .308 model with a forward scope mount would be the ideal budget Scout that Savage and Ruger keep fumbling towards, but missing widely.

Along with the Savage Stevens 200, I think this is a great trend. Instead of manufacturers looking for corners to cut on old models that were designed with cheaper assembly and QC labor in mind, they’ve gone and designed models that are cheaper to assemble with modern materials. This results in a broader array of offerings with more uniform initial quality across the line rather than a single model being selectively nickel and dimed to meet a range of prices.

With all that’s in the news, sometimes we forget that there’s more to shooting than ARs and Glocks. This is a really great time to be a bolt-gun enthusiast!

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  1. SPQR | January 8, 2013 at 10:52 am | Permalink

    These are the kind of bolt guns that I steer beginning hunters to in my hunter education class. It gets people out in the field at a reasonable cost.