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pdb’s Guide To Surviving the 2012-2013 Gun Frenzypocolopse

Predictably, prices for all sorts of politically incorrect guns and their parts, magazines and ammunition have gone through the roof in response to the predictable political response to the unpredictable Sandy Hook shooting. It’s impossible to say how much of this is opportunistic profit seeking, and how much is newly awakened scrambling, but nothing is available and it sucks!

I’ll admit to sneaking one under the wire here. My original plan was to sell off a lot of the oddball rifles and shotguns taking up space in my safe and replace them with multiples of single types to simplify my life. I approached building out 2 ARs in stages, first buying what I felt would be the bottleneck parts (receivers, barrels and bolt groups) up front, then buying the rest as funds from sales allowed. I decided to move the timetable forward after the Disaster in November, and built AR #1 shortly after. Then after Sandy Hook, I decided to move on AR #2 and managed to get everything ordered up (except, inexplicably, for a rifle receiver extension, buffer and spring (but SARCO hooked me up (*brofist*))), and assembly of #2 will take place this month. I also placed a backorder with Brownells for more PMags and Glock 17 magazines, because hedge.

Anyway, this isn’t my first time at this particular rodeo, having gotten through the combined Y2k / Algore fever, Obama I in 2008 and now the Obama II / Sandy Hook superstorm promises to be worse than both of those frenzies combined with the Panic of 1994 I arrived a year late for. So I’m smugly comfortable in what I have in the garage and / or on the truck and while I do feel for my homies who are a little behind on their preps, if you’re coming cold into this thing and scrambling around looking for an AR or pistol…

WHERE IN THE HELL WERE YOU THE LAST FIVE YEARS? Or even six months ago?! Were you not paying attention? I know Obama promised to not take away our guns, but what the hell part of Chicago Democrat do you find confusing? If you believed him in 2008, please take a moment to punch yourself in the groin.

Additionally, make sure you are current with the NRA and your home state organization, and you have written (on paper! using the mail!) notes to your senators and congresscritters expressing your displeasure at being scapegoated for the crimes of a single person. We are a resource our opposition does not have, put some effort into it!

Anyway anyway, above all: Do Not Panic. We haven’t lost yet, and with your help, we won’t. Do not put a $5000 Colt 6920 on the credit card. Do not settle for a $2500 DPMS or Bushampster or other crapulent offering. Do not be the sucker. Do not allow others to take advantage of your lack of planning.

Do: Put in backorders for what you want at Brownells and wait patiently, if you are willing to put together your own gun. If you want a rifle off the shelf…

Do: Start putting aside cash to scoop up attractive deals when credit card and / or tax bills come due in the spring. What goes up, must come down, and if most of the guns are being hogged by people looking to flip them, then they will get discounted in a panic as the buyers dry up when this thing blows over.

Do: Explore alternatives. Shotguns appear to be less sought after than self-loading military carbines, and are perfectly serviceable self-defense tools. SARCO in New Jersey is offering a variety of trade-in Police 870s for under $400. For various reasons, shotshells always seem to be available when metallic cartridges are not. If you don’t have a nice S&W wheelgun, Marlin 336 or Remington 700 in the safe, this might be a good time to look.

Do Not: Neglect your practice. If you can’t find ammunition, break out your .22s or catch up on your dryfire. Look into an air rifle or Airsoft.

Do: Get sensibly parsimonious with your practice and competition. Perhaps you should not shoot every 300 round hosefest match this year. Concentrate on accuracy and fundamentals instead of pure speed, for a while.

Do: Look at reloading and / or cast bullets. Primers are likely going to be the first bottleneck, but don’t go nuts. If you find some, buy what you need but leave enough for the next guy! Faced with not being able to replenish my 9mm stores, I’m looking forward to finally getting into reloading lead .45 ACP ammo and getting reacquainted with my 1911.

Do Not: Patronize those people and businesses who are exploiting the situation for short term political or financial gain. Cheaper Than Dirt and Dick’s Sporting Goods appear to be the leading traitors so far. I’ve spent my last dime with either outfit.

Do: Spend your money with those who stood firm and looked out for our interests. Brownells, Midway USA, Bravo Company, DSG Arms and SKD Tactical leap to mind. I’ve spent a ton of money with all of them and can recommend you do as well.

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  1. Derek | December 31, 2012 at 10:29 am | Permalink

    I would add The Sportsman’s Guide to your already excellent list of Brownells, MidwayUSA, Bravo Company, DSG Arms, and SKD Tactical. They have come through with magazines and ammunition at reasonable prices — even post Sandy Hook.

  2. Patrick | December 31, 2012 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    Welcome to the team. I gave up on Cheaper Than Dirt about…forever ago.

    Good advice overall. Still, I wish that I had snagged those AR lowers a few months back. But I got a nice Sig carry piece instead. Decisions, decisions. Speaking of which, I just sangged a Benelli M2 Tac from SGCUSA (another nice place). I t seems in all the ramp-up to EBR craziness folks forgot about the semi-auto goodness of shotguns.

    Also a shout out to LuckyGunner. I bought a goodly amount of ammo from them this year (thinking ahead), but credit must be given to any ammo outlet that actually honestly deals with you like an adult. Go to their site and you will find no listings for ammo they do not have. None. No backorders, no “we expect a shipment next week so place an order today”, and no, “sorry, it’s gonna ship a little late.” Just honest, “We ain’t got what you are looking for. Try again later.” And they just sold me one of the last cases of Federal AE 40 S&W for a price that was pretty much in line with what I paid in April. It’ll get me through a few cold days on the range until this blows over.

    I will echo your advice: “Pay attention to those you deal with in tough times, and make sure you take care of the good ones in better times.”

    The hucksters can go to the back of the line. The chances anything from Feinstein or Obama makes it through the House is pretty darn low. Even with sissy-Boehner in (current) speakership,

  3. Firehand | December 31, 2012 at 4:39 pm | Permalink

    Local range, which has a big reloading section, has started a ‘one bottle of each powder, one brick of each type primer per customer per day’ policy. You can buy however many TYPES of powder you want, but only one bottle of each, so more people can get some.

    And finally found this link after hearing about it on radio this morning:
    Apparently some Stupid Party members think surrendering on the 2nd Amendment is somehow a winner for them.

  4. Newjerseythomas | January 1, 2013 at 3:10 am | Permalink

    Sarco recently moved to PA. I bought one of their old police 870s. It’s a very nice shotgun for the $250.00 I paid.

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