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Notes On The NRA Press Event


  • Not even a hint at being willing to compromise on further gun control laws. I will admit this was my biggest fear.
  • Having the crazy Code Pink guy do his thing right before Wayne started talking about crazy people was sheer genius. Note that Democrats never want to have a civil discussion about the facts and data — they would lose — they instead can only demonize their opponents (reducto ad racists) and argue against straw men.
  • The narrative has been changed: NRA has a holster-ready plan that will work and can be implemented yesterday, while Obama’s “action” is to appoint Slow Joe Biden to a do-nothing circlejerk for three months.
  • “Why do we defend our money, sports stadiums, work places and politicians with armed security, but not our children?” is a dagger to the heart of the gun-free zone delusion.
  • No questions taken. Because the Big Dog don’t bark, or do tricks.


  • Going after Hollywood and video games is only popular with a small, shrinking demographic and directly hostile to the ones about to displace it. While I understand the move in a chess-playing sense (“Stop attacking our civil rights or we’ll attack yours too.”), and I wonder how Hollywood types can simultaneously claim that beautiful art can be spiritually uplifting and inspiring, but violent art is benign and has no effect on people, this angle of attack could have been deleted without loss.
  • The potential for a new, ineffective entrenched bureaucracy a la TSA is there unless the operations are devolved to the states and locales.
  • Wayne looked flustered or at best, unprofessionally pissed off after the protesters did their thing. While I got a LOL out of the events, shouldn’t the NRA do a better job at screening the press?
  • It was the NRA, and according to some people, can do no good even if they were advocating for immediate libertopia.

Final Grade: C+. Sadly, the inclusion of the culture war stuff will be the only thing stupid people in the media (but I repeat myself) tell the public about, not the trivia like facts or logic or the concrete policy ideas. I graded it higher than Tam and Sebastian, but probably lower than Caleb.

But don’t take my word for it, read over the transcript for yourself.

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  1. Eric | December 22, 2012 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

    If our government truely wanted to save our children from murder. They would have started with banning abortion a long time ago. Oh the hipocracy.

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