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Winter Updates

Just so’s there’s not another gap in my monthly archives listing to the left there, a few things I wanted to follow up on:

Custom Glock: As I mentioned here, I recently had my Gen3 G19 dremeled and stippled. The initial results were a very, very, very enhanced grip at the expense of comfort. I wasn’t terribly concerned about that as the piece was never intended to be an all-day shooter. However, after a couple months of carry and some shooting, the initial rough surface has mellowed out somewhat and is now just about perfect. It doesn’t look any better, it’s like it’s got some kind of rare skin condition. But who buys Glocks for the aesthetics anyway?

Crimson Trace Light Guard: I’ve been kicking the conclusion to this review down the road for a looooong time because the plain truth is I just don’t like it. On the G19, it crowds my fingers too much to really shoot well, and every time I try it out I’m reminded how much more I like the TLR-1, even though it’s bigger. Even having a custom holster made for it didn’t improve my opinion any. It seems like a durable, well made accessory, I just couldn’t make it work for me. I did, however, pass it (and the holster) along to another shooter, who may have a different take in the future.

AR-15s: I finally got around to buying some decent AR-15 parts and pieced together the first of two 16″ flat tops. The second will wait until I have had a chance to wring the first one out some and see if my component decisions were correct.

Brief parts list because I know we care about that kind of crap: Aero Precision lower, Palmetto State Armory 16″ midlength upper (not recommended, post to follow), BCM bolt carrier group and medium enhanced charging handle, ALG ACT trigger group, Magpul everywhere, including a MOE fixed stock, and a Troy fixed rear sight. I’ve got a Primary Arms weaponlight (450 lumens for $90? Okay…) and a Crimson Trace Rail Master laser mounted on the handguards. Aimpoint PRO and sling to follow. I haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet, but I already dig the fixed MOE stock. They could have made it an inch shorter by not hinging the entire buttplate and going with a sprung trapdoor, but it’s fine for me. It’s just about an M4 telestock one click in. I’ll have more to say on the out of control proliferation of telestocks later, but I think the vast majority of AR shooters who do not need to share the gun among people of different heights, or aren’t planning to use it while wearing body armor, would be better served with a solid fixed stock than a collapsible one. If you don’t need the tiny decrease in overall length for storage or shooting, a fixed stock is both more durable and comfortable to shoot. I was going to go with a surplus A1 stock, but I liked how the Magpul came with sling swivel sockets and hey, it looks about 30% more ninja.

Sadly, the rig weighs in at 8.1 pounds dry, with no optic, but whaddyagonnado? Operators gotta operate.

USPSA: I didn’t make the November match at my club due to kid issues(tm), but did manage to squeeze in some practice with some 1/3rd scale printable targets and a printable A-zone that fits on a 8.5×11. (pdfs to follow).

Upcoming posts: My Norinco 1911 gets turned into the pimpest Norinco ever (kind of like being the tallest midget at the dance), pdb’s adventures in metallic shell reloading, the departure of 2 shotguns and the arrival of a replacement, my further frustrations in competition, and … not much more. My day to day and personal stuff is pretty much on Facebook at this point. I apologize that this is never going to be a post a day kind of blog, but a) I write because I want to, not because I have to, and b) I only write when I have something to say. Hopefully this is interesting to someone other than me!

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  1. aczarnowski | November 30, 2012 at 5:48 pm | Permalink

    I’ll be watching for the updates to follow. Sound like some good ones on the way.

  2. Ben C | December 1, 2012 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    I have a PSA 16″ middy upper also. I won’t be buying another one for several reasons regarding both the product and the customer service.

    Curious to hear your experience.

  3. Cornbahn | December 2, 2012 at 9:42 am | Permalink

    I have a middy PSA with a Wylde chambering, so far no problems and very accurate. I also have had no problems with PSA, even shipping to Illinois and all of your crap here. I’d order again, but I’d leave 2+ months of time for the order to be fulfilled.

  4. TD | December 2, 2012 at 1:44 pm | Permalink

    Looks like a damn sensible build. No plans for optics?

    [Yeah, I’m planning on an Aimpoint PRO, unless a free alternative arrives in my mailbox for me to T&E. — pdb]

  5. Tam | December 5, 2012 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    I dunno, man, I’ve seen some pretty pimp Norincos.

  6. NotClauswitz | December 7, 2012 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    It’s interesting to me because I don’t know anybody who does Facebook and I’m not willing to do it myself.

  7. Ed Foster | February 4, 2013 at 1:35 pm | Permalink

    I shoot guns all day for a living, and I’m no fan of the 16 inch barrel on an AR. (Tam will threaten my gonads for this)

    Rifles aren’t much good unless you practice with them, and even with ear protection, the 16 inch is brutal. Bad for the shooter, worse for the people to his/her left and right.

    The 20 inch standard profile is just about as quick to the shoulder, steadier on target, and massively easier to practice with due to it’s far more manageable noise level. Practice, as in the two hours min per week the military claims is necessary to maintain any serious level of competence.

    There is a massively unlikely chance that you will have to fight house to house and in narrow halls and doorways (for all the gameboys who spend perfectly good range time in front of a computer learning how to do it wrong).

    However, in that rare case you clamp the fixed (not collapsible) buttstock between the inside of your elbow and your ribs. It is far more rigid and consistent,makes it virtually impossible for a fast moving pop-up to disarm you when you make a left turn in close quarters, and gives you an immediate vertical butt stroke to reprofile the jaw or groin of anybody who tries.

    I also don’t have much respect for the rediculously bulbous forends on most “tactical” guns, but have built several 3-G guns with a knurled freefloating aluminum tube that has a mount for a long eye relief pistol scope offset 35 degrees to the right, and a short Picatinny rail attached bottom front for laser.

    A forend that can be held comfortably in any position, with no rail protectors making it difficult to grab. For reference, the first is with a Special Forces Major in Afganistan right now, and all his buddies want one. Pictures available on request

    I can see a 16 inch in very limited roles, such as Tam’s sweet little briefcase takedown carbine on an MGI switch barrel upper (built at CMT/Stag by yours truely for Mack Qwinn up at MGI).

    But overall, I think pistol calibers make a lot more sense in a centerfire rifle type “snub-gun”. With a 5.56 short barrel, you give away too much of what a rifle is capable of doing beyond 50 or 100 yards, in exchange for a noisy beast that, with full jacket ammo, is no more effective than a 9mm anyway

    The beauty of the AR system is that you only have to push two pins to convert from a bellybutton distance doorway gun to something that can keep a sniper crouching at 500 meters. Again, if you practice enough to connect solidly at that range.

    Every High Power rifle club in the country is desperate for new members, and please don’t give me that B.S. about how you’re no good on paper targets but deadly on snap shooting. It simply isn’t possible, and saying it makes you sound like a silly little boy. Learn to walk before you run, and learn four position shooting and how to use a sling for something other than a carrying strap.

    The original M-16 butt, 3/4 inch shorter than the A-2 and with a rounded hard rubber pad, was easily the best back end ever put on the weapon. The A-2 is better for target shooting, but only somewhat even there.

    When they get caught up on their back orders and start answering their telephone again, Art Maus out at Sherluk Marketing has a barn or two full of the original round back butts for a couple of bucks apiece. They need external refinishing, but every one I’ve seen is totally solid.

    One thing I have been thinking about, concerning the 20 inch barrel, is the wasted space on the upper barrel between the front sight post and the muzzle break. Ideal place for the laser, especially if I put a hole in the base of the sight post to hold the rear of the laser unit. Down tight over the bore, and out of the way, not likely to catch on anything.

    I’m not totally anti on the new stuff. A laser is tits on a bull at 200 or more, but for working fast and close, not at all a bad idea.

    Just some ideas, and I’m open to anything that might sell. Feel free to drop me a line.

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