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Guns They Should Make, But Don’t

I'm just in a listing mood, I suppose.

  1. A Marlin lever-gun in .500 S&W Magnum.  The cartridge is good for moving a 400gr bullet to an honest 2000 fps out ot a 10" revolver.  I don't know how much more you'd get out of a 16" rifle barrel, but it sure would be easier to shoot!  7 rounds of that would be just the ticket to put down a charging grizzly.  Or a charging Escalade.  Or a charging grizzly in an Escalade.
  2. A Browning 1935 chambered in .45 GAP.  I regard the .45 GAP as primarily a marketing exercise, much like the "357" SIG.  However, if the object is to get a .45 cartridge in a 9mm platform, the Hi-Po is the platform it ought to be in.
  3. For that matter, I'd like to see a BHP, any caliber, with a slim polymer frame.  The BHP is a fantastic shooting gun, but is a tad heavy for constant CCW carry.  And add a light rail.  All the cool kids are doing it.
  4. SIG should chamber the 556 in 6.8 Remington SPC, ditch the goofy AR-like collapsable stock, and go with the complete folder from the 552.  THAT would be worth $1600.  In fact, I call a pox upon the house of any manufacturer who sticks a collapsable CAR stock on a longarm that doesn't have a recoil buffer in a tube.
  5. A semi auto shotgun with a folding stock, that isn't a Siaga.  No, I don't know how you'd do it.  I work in marketing, not engineering.
  6. A S&W revolver that doesn't have one of those infernal locking mechanisms.  I will never own a gun with an internal lock that can't be easily exorcised (the Springfield-Armory ILS leaps to mind).

Did all you merchants of death get that?  Hop to it.  I intend on being filthy stinking rich in a few short months.  That should be plenty of time.