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pdb’s Big Fat Open Carry Retention Holster Roundup: Part 4: Galco M6x Matrix

The Galco M6x was recommended and supplied by Caleb at Gun Nuts, but it normally retails for about $40. It’s an attractive, shiny black plastic belt holster that’s only available with belt loops, and available for all sizes of Glocks, classic SIGs. It’s constructed out of slippery black engineering plastic like delrin or ABS that is riveted together. It does not have adjustable cant but does have a sliding adjuster to fit the width of your belt. Mine had some greasy residue on the plastic out of the box, probably some kind of mold release agent that wasn’t cleaned off before shipping. It washed off with a little dish soap and warm water.

The retention mechanism is a lock that fits into the ejection port of the pistol. Like the Safariland, the lock fit both my G17 and G19 without issue. Unlike the others, the lock is a clearly visible cutout on the exterior of the holster that pivots up and out of the way when the thumb lever is pressed. In practice it was similar enough to the Safariland that one could switch between them without issue. I am a little concerned about debris or sand getting into the external lock and jamming it up like the SERPA, but that didn’t happen during my testing.

Draw from the M6x was like the Safariland, having my thumb out of place meant a few poor draws with a grip I had to readjust before shooting. This smoothed out with practice but it is there. The lock releases the pistol whether or not you are pushing or pulling on the gun as you press the lock button. Working again at the plate rack with the M6x revealed no big flaws with the design. Once I got the thumb action down pat, it released the pistol every time. Reholstering produced a satisfying click to let me know it had locked the gun in place.

Appearance wise, I felt the shiny black plastic wasn’t as attractive as the more subdued matte kydex of the Safariland and Uncle Mike’s. As a former Fobus owner, I’m also suspicious of riveted construction but the holster seemed to hold up well even after a lot of draws. I was a little disappointed with the lack of adjustments, but the neutral cant made actual working with the holster easy even if it didn’t carry as well as the designs with a little tilt to them. Floppiness was less than any of the other holsters with their belt loop panel installed, but more than anything with a paddle. YMMV, etc.

The M6x was my second favorite holster of the bunch. It seems well thought out and constructed, but the Safariland 6378 is just that hard to beat.

Hey look, another video! Last one, I promise.