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pdb’s Big Fat Open Carry Retention Holster Roundup: Part 3: Uncle Mike’s Reflex IRT

Uncle Mike’s Reflex IRT holster was $30 from LA Police Gear and is available for full and mid sized Glocks and classic SIGs. I was initially prepared to dislike it as the advertising claimed stuff like “No mechanical parts” and “performing with gross motor skill function” which set off all sorts of skeptical alarm bells, but I really think they’re onto something. It’s constructed out of thick matte textured kydex and is convertible between belt loops and a paddle with 3 screws. It’s also adjustable for cant. It’s a more minimalist design than the other holsters, and the gun does tend to ride higher than the others. But the Reflex belt loops do a better job at bringing the gun closer in than the others. The paddle was also well constructed and retained the pistol well.

The retention system is a small button inside the holster that is pressed in by the trigger guard. The lock engages around the trigger guard and is released by grasping the pistol and twisting the grip towards you. There are no external buttons to press so acquiring and maintaining a correct grip during the draw is completely unchanged compared to a non-retention design. The lock will also release the gun whether you are pulling or pushing the gun into the holster. As long as you twist the gun, it will come out. My only complaint about this system is that it gives no tactile or audible feedback that the lock is released or engaged. With the others, there’s a nice ‘click’ to let you know that the gun is either properly holstered or ready to be drawn.

Working with this holster over several dry draws and an afternoon of plate practice, I found the draw to be easy and speedy, with very little risk of fumbling or getting the initial grip incorrect. I mostly worked with the holster using the belt loops, but the paddle worked fine as well. My biggest complaints were that the gun was held higher than I like, which caused it to move around more than the others. I also noticed that the pistol rattled in the holster more than any of the other holsters. I suppose it’s a little petty to complain about that in a $30 holster, but the others are much better about this.

I have mixed feelings about the Reflex. I think the retention system is simple and slick and difficult to screw up, however the holster itself is poorly designed and executed. With another revision or two, this could really be something, but for now I would recommend spending the extra $5 and getting the Safariland.

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