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{ Monthly Archives } February 2013

Quick Notes On The Primary Arms Ultimate Weaponlight

When buying parts hither and yon for my ARs, my original plan was to mount my favorite weaponlight, the LED Streamlight TLR-1 to a short rail stub on the handguards. But for Reasons(tm) (possibly curiosity or browsing the internets while drinking), I ended up with a Primary Arms 3x CR123 LED “Ultimate Weaponlight”. It sells […]

Two Americas

John Edwards was partially right: There are two Americas, but they are not separated by income. One has less crime than Europe (even in the poorest areas (that are knee deep in a meth crisis)), has stable family units, values education and personal achievement, works in the productive economy and saves for a rainy day. […]

A Review of A Review of A Review: Applying Your Critical Filter On The Gunternet

So my friend Paul noticed a pretty glaring fault with Kel-Tec’s new tactiflashlight, as reviewed by Erin Palette. Read his take, but in short, using the flashlight in the manner in which Kel-Tec suggests in concert with a pistol significantly increases the chance of a ND during use, especially under stress. I also do not […]

Cooking For People Who Hate Cooking: pdb’s Stupid Easy Roasted Chicken

Knowing more than a few people who enjoy eating but are too busy or intimidated to cook themselves, I thought I’d type up a couple of my favorite stupid easy recipes. Today, I urge you to shun the dessicated under a heat lamp Walmart rotisserie chicken and roast your own damn chicken. Here’s what you […]

The Killer Democrat Mayors Who Are Destroying America — Or — A Begrudging Admission That Despite Better Sense, I Remain A Republican

I hate to be a blogjerk, but I’m going to crib pretty much an entire post from somebody elses’ legwork. Here is a list of the 30 most dangerous cities in America, listed in order of their per capita murder rate, with their current mayors and political affiliation: 1. New Orleans – Mitch Landrieu (D) […]

All That Stuff On Your Gun: Let’s Talk VFGs

I was flattered when Caleb used my Evil Assault Rifle Mk1 Mod0 as an example of a well set up, uncluttered rifle. However I’m also a little ashamed to admit that said rifle has since sprouted an Aimpoint and sling and a buttstock magazine pouch and is pushing nine and a quarter pounds. It has […]