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{ Monthly Archives } January 2013

Boring AR Build Updates

I say “boring” because due to lack of time and sudden inability to replace my ammo stockpile, I haven’t even shot these yet! So here I am talking about gear I haven’t even used. Anyway, here’s AR #2. The Plan was to complete this one after I’d had a chance to test out AR #1 […]

It’s Not 1994 Anymore

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Sebastian and Bitter, the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show decided to cave to the sudden anti-gun political pressure and prohibit exhibitors from displaying any politically-incorrect rifles or equipment: As a hunting-focused event, we welcome exhibitors who wish to showcase products and firearms that serve the traditional needs […]

Just Can’t Help Myself

I saw a picture of The LAV in some BFG promo pictures for Shot Show 2013 and I knew I’d seen that look before… Grumpy Operator Cat. Should this become a thing? I think this should become a thing.

Beretta 1201FP Recap

I still see plenty of incoming hits to my older posts on the Beretta 1201FP autoloading shotgun, so I thought I’d organize the links here for future reference. Initial review. Loading the 1201 to 6+1 with an empty chamber, or “ghost loading”. Further thoughts. Most Benelli M1S90 parts apart from the barrel, furniture and magazine […]

One Last Thing (Until The Next Time He Does Something Stupid)

Okay, one more, more thing on this Yeager guy. After the Tennessee DHS slapped his wee-wee by taking away his concealed carry permit (which in TN, also means no open carry for him, either, whoops!), he finally saw reason and sat down with a lawyer friend to tape this mea culpa and rhetorical walkback. So […]

Just One More Thing

I really don’t intend this to become the James Yeager Watch, but he put up yet another goddamn video and yet again I noticed a couple of things I wanted to point out. Yeager doesn’t think the hundreds of people who disagree with him are relevant, but the hundreds of people who do agree with […]

Have You Ever Noticed…

…that when the feds bust a domestic terror cell, it’s always the wide-eyed idealist with big ideas about committing some dramatic political violence who ends up being the snitch that cuts a deal and turns everyone in? Just sayin’. Incidentally, this is the second version of this video published. The first version contained the line: […]

Lucky Gunner’s 40000 Round 5.56 Ammunition Test

So here’s something awesome. The folks at Lucky Gunner decided to answer all the questions about brass versus steel cased 5.56×45 NATO ammunition in the AR-15 type with a forty thousand round torture test. They did a great job in setting the conditions, collecting the data, and presenting their analysis. I recommend you read the […]

Join or Die

So I’ve stolen yet another good idea and added up a blog ad on the left there for y’all to join the NRA. The SAF does wonderful work in the courts, but they cannot lobby Congress. The GOA has nice press releases and hates the NRA, but nobody on Capital Hill knows their name. Your […]

The Remington 783 Might Not Suck!

I’ve repeatedly said that one of my favorite things about maintaining a blog is the opportunity to be proven wrong. And I suppose I was a little quick on the snark the other day when I preemptively ho-hummed Remington’s big Shot Show news for this year, the 783 centerfire bolt action rifle. So more details […]