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{ Monthly Archives } December 2012

pdb’s Guide To Surviving the 2012-2013 Gun Frenzypocolopse

Predictably, prices for all sorts of politically incorrect guns and their parts, magazines and ammunition have gone through the roof in response to the predictable political response to the unpredictable Sandy Hook shooting. It’s impossible to say how much of this is opportunistic profit seeking, and how much is newly awakened scrambling, but nothing is […]

Notes On The NRA Press Event

Pros: Not even a hint at being willing to compromise on further gun control laws. I will admit this was my biggest fear. Having the crazy Code Pink guy do his thing right before Wayne started talking about crazy people was sheer genius. Note that Democrats never want to have a civil discussion about the […]

Why We Love The AR

So Bravo Company has yet another special edition AR type on sale, Travis Haley’s Jack carbine. While expensive, it is a well thought out and slick setup that’s clearly been spec’d out by people who know what’s up. BCM doesn’t make junk and it will surely run good. I’m glad that we seem to be […]

Battlespace Prep

Please take a moment out of your panic buying and make sure you’re current with the NRA, SAF, and your home state organization. Even if you’re not a fan of the NRA, you can’t angrily demand a refund of your membership if you’re not a member. It’s not like you can find gun stuff to […]


I blame Jeff Cooper. Shortly after achieving awareness as a pupal stage shooter, strapped for cash and already owning a decent .22LR rifle and an original condition #4 Lee-Enfield, I read the following: Have you noticed in recent advertisements that the excellent Enfield No. 4 battle rifle is now available in the larger stores for […]

James Yeager: Maybe Not A Coward, But Definitely Crazy

I wish to reemphasize my disendorsement of James Yeager’s Tactical Response as a legitimate source of firearms training. I’ll admit to following his youtube channel for a while now. He is entertaining but swings wildly between Very Right and Very Wrong in such a way that I could neither unreservedly endorse or dismiss the guy […]

Printable USPSA Targets

Here’s a couple targets I’ve been practicing with. These are a set of 1/3rd scale targets I found somewhere that I can’t remember, including the standard USPSA and IPSC targets, a variety of hard cover targets, and reduced scale poppers and a Texas star. Really useful for that .22LR trainer you’ve got. This is one […]