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{ Monthly Archives } September 2012

The pdb Advicebot

Glock 19 or 17, S&W M&P 9, or H&K P30. Remington 700, Savage 110, Ruger 77 or Howa 1500. If you can’t afford a Browning Citori, get a used Remington 1100 or Beretta 3xx. Mossberg 500/590 or Remington 870. $250 will get you an entry level Burris, Leupold or Nikon. If you can’t afford that, […]

S&W M&P wut

M&P ALUMINUM AEK TRIGGER The AEK Trigger is an enhanced trigger for the Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols, reducing trigger pre-travel and over travel by approximately 20%. Unintended operation of the trigger is prevented by the Center Mounted Pivoting Safety bar. This bar creates a block that will not disengage unless the shooter places their […]

pdb’s Big Fat Open Carry Retention Holster Roundup: Part 5: Conculsion and Recommendations

Picking a holster, especially for everyday use, is a personal decision that involves juggling many hard to quantify and subjective criteria. Thus we are blessed to have such a bewildering selection of manufacturers and models available to us. If you draw any lesson from these reviews, I hope it is that there are far better, […]

pdb’s Big Fat Open Carry Retention Holster Roundup: Part 4: Galco M6x Matrix

The Galco M6x was recommended and supplied by Caleb at Gun Nuts, but it normally retails for about $40. It’s an attractive, shiny black plastic belt holster that’s only available with belt loops, and available for all sizes of Glocks, classic SIGs. It’s constructed out of slippery black engineering plastic like delrin or ABS that […]

pdb’s Big Fat Open Carry Retention Holster Roundup: Part 3: Uncle Mike’s Reflex IRT

Uncle Mike’s Reflex IRT holster was $30 from LA Police Gear and is available for full and mid sized Glocks and classic SIGs. I was initially prepared to dislike it as the advertising claimed stuff like “No mechanical parts” and “performing with gross motor skill function” which set off all sorts of skeptical alarm bells, […]

pdb’s Big Fat Open Carry Retention Holster Roundup: Part 2: 5.11 Thumb Drive

The 5.11 Thumb Drive retention holster is made for them by Blade-Tech and is available for around $60. I got mine from LA Police Gear. The Thumb Drive is available for medium and full sized Glocks, full sized S&W M&Ps, full sized SIGs and the Beretta 92. Like the Safariland, the 5.11 unit can be […]

pdb’s Big Fat Open Carry Retention Holster Roundup: Part 1: Safariland 6378 ALS

The Safariland 6378 ALS was $35 from Cheaper Than Dirt. It comes configured as a paddle out of the box and can be set up with a belt loop by unscrewing 3 screws. I wasn’t impressed with the belt loop plate at all and didn’t put it on. The paddle is broad and well curved […]

pdb’s Big Fat Open Carry Retention Holster Roundup: Part 0: Introduction and The Problem

One of the most puzzling things I’ve witnessed in the online shooting community is the passion and vehemence with which people defend their purchase of the Blackhawk SERPA holster. I can somewhat understand people becoming defensive about their choice of a lower tier pistol, but when it’s a $40 plastic holster? It’s not like you’ve […]

Y’all Watch This!

So it’s new watch day at Casa del pdb! I had been wearing a Seiko SNZG15 on a NATO for the longest time after going through a series of “inexpensive” vintage 7002 Seiko automatic military face watches. After a few iterations of buying a used one from Thailand or the Philippines off of eBay, having […]

A Short Treatise On The Drop Leg Holster

As alluded to previously, wearing a pistol in a drop-leg thigh rig where a normal belt holster would suffice is an instant 9/10 on the Derp scale. Unrelated, but serendipitously relevant, a friend had a short but sharp discussion with a drop-leg favoring friend on his Fazeboog, and I thought the concluding post was too […]