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{ Monthly Archives } August 2012

Vote With Your Mouse!

In case you didn’t know, Caleb is holding blogging tryouts for additional writing staff at Gun Nuts. While the contestants all appear to be of high quality, I would appreciate it if you would click a few times on my friend Tracie’s story. She is entirely too normal, nice, and professional to be a gun […]

Sheriff Jim Wilson Is Full of Crap

So someone called Sheriff Jim Wilson cautioned us all last week not to put flashlights on our pistols, especially if we intend to carry them concealed. He specifically warned about shooters being handicapped by the additional bulk, weight, complexity, and inability to find a holster for the combination of pistol and flashlight chosen. A flashlight […]

Poetry Corner

If you’re not reading Shelley’s Guns Cars Booze, you ought to be. Otherwise you’d miss awesomeness like this Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider, and this collection of gun haikus.

There’s Shooting Videos On Youtube!

So my local training homies Defensive Concepts North Carolina done set themselves up a yootoob channel. I think it’s a cut above the usual Youtube tabletop gun reviews and morons seeing how many of the 4 rules they can break at once. Here’s some tips on how to keep your weapon mounted light clean: An […]

Community Policing

So from our man in AZ (by way of OH), comes this interesting self defense tale from Toledo. Last November, Bandar Abu-Karsh was tending shop at his corner takeout joint, when two thugs came in with guns at the ready fixin’ to rob the place. Abu-Karsh resisted, retrieving a pistol from the counter and firing […]

Wolverines Ride Again!

So here we are in 2012 and apparently the new happening thing is communist invasion! Red Dawn the remake has been in development limbo for years, and apparently will be in theaters this November. I’m morally opposed to uncreative remakes, but I gotta say, I enjoyed the trailer: And we’ve certainly had a dearth of […]

Do It All?

So Robb points us to give advice to Jeff who has decided he wants a SCAR-17S as his rifle. I’ve (mostly) sworn off giving people firearm advice after they’ve committed to buying a type, and Jeff has picked an excellent rifle that he should be very happy with if he can swallow the initial cost […]

How Causes Fail

Since politicians and the media are assiduously avoiding talking about the impeding financial collapse, let’s talk about gay marriage some more! The latest culturally inescapable development is the ridiculous battle over Chick-fil-A. On one hand we have the owner of a privately held business who wishes to use his own money to campaign for causes […]

I Like Cargo Pants

What’s in your pants?