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{ Monthly Archives } July 2012

First World CCW Problems

This represents about 2 years of carrying the same pistol, in the same place, in the same car, every day. This represents about 3 years of carrying the same pistol, in a CTAC, with the strut end rubbing insistently against the fabric of a pair of 5.11 tactipants.

Run, Hide, Fight

Shortly after the Aurora CO shooting, the city of Houston put together and released a surprising video on how to survive a spree shooting event. I say surprising for two reasons: First,it’s not that bad! The steps presented are simple, easy to remember, and sure can’t hurt. Much like the infamous ‘stop drop and roll’ […]

Notes on High Capacity Ammunition Feeding Devices(tm)

So in the wake of the Aurora, CO shooting, the question of the day seems to be “Why does anyone need a 100 round magazine for their assault rifle?” And right on cue, the anti-freedom brigade of the Senate whips out the good ‘ol Clinton era magazine ban: Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for […]