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{ Monthly Archives } April 2012

Up Yours, Ivan

Did a full reinstall on the WordPress installation this morning, and after a couple false starts, I’m reasonably sure I exorcised the Russian porn hijack.  If you see it again, please email me right away. Now back to our regular monthly postings!

Amendment One

With the bumper sticker and commentary war over NC’s Amendment One reaching an absurd crescendo, I feel obligated to lay out my own conflicted position on the matter of nontraditional marriage. On a personal level, I don’t give a crap. Marry a goat for all I care. On a cultural level, I don’t know what […]

pdb Demands, S&W Listens

During the hype buildup to the launch of the S&W M&P Shield, every time the question of “What is S&W’s new gun?” would pop up on social media, my answer was the same: “It had better be the return of the 5906 and 3913.” Well, I don’t see any 5906, but if this isn’t a […]

I Made Something!

(alt. title: While Roberta X Gently Weeps) So earlier this year our Time-Warner Cable bill went up by about 50%. Somewhat peeved, I called up and demanded an adjustment, but the best they could do was not quite good enough. Voting with our dollars, we gave the TV portion the boot and are now only […]