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{ Monthly Archives } March 2012


BELLEVUE, WA – A federal district court judge in North Carolina has just struck down that state’s emergency power to impose a ban on firearms and ammunition outside the home during a declared emergency, ruling that the provision violates the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Thanks SAF!

ave atque vale

Word comes this morning via Old NFO that the blogger we knew as Newbius has checked out. It would be presumptuous for me to call him a friend, but we shook hands at NRA in Charlotte a couple years back and occupied the same digital spaces. He was a principled and relentless advocate for liberty […]

Global Warming, The Differential Diagnosis

Has there been an impending catastrophe or crisis where the official answer was not a massive expansion in government?

Updates, Updates

I went to the Sheriff’s office and put in my money and application anyway as if I hadn’t gotten all wrapped around the axle about it, and they took it without complaint. I guess we’ll find out in about 30 days, but I have made certain Open arrangements if things don’t work out. When I […]


Renewal of existing Permit must be submitted 30 days prior to expiration date. Failure to renew an existing permit prior to the 30 day expiration date will result in providing new Firearms Safety Certificate. FML. [Update!] Hey, wait a minute… § 14-415.16. Renewal of permit. (a) At least 45 days prior to the expiration date […]

Open Carriers: This Is Relevant To Your Interests

DCNC Handgun Retention Class review. These guys are the real deal, reasonably priced and genuinely dedicated to increasing the skills of all shooters. I have taken 4 classes with them and will again.

Two Of My Favorite Magazines

Antipodean digital shootin’ buddy Jigsaw’s Kafkaesque hassles trying to get a single additional spare magazine for her 1911 reminded me of a few evil high capacity ammunition feeding devices that I keep around for mostly sentimental reasons. Eight years have passed since I bought these in the heady days immediately following the sunset of Bill […]

What’s Wrong With Our Culture

From the Natchez Shooting Supply’s Facebook page, I present the following: I bring this up not to critique this fellow in particular, but for context. After spotting this picture, my initial reaction was of course to publicly request to keep his goddamn booger hook off his ever lovin’ bang switch. Now, what’s offensive to me […]