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{ Monthly Archives } February 2012

Dots and Lasers and Rails, Oh My!

The two most terrifying words to read when browsing gun classifieds are “custom” and “Glock”. But this one is almost compelling! If I could afford the can and the $200 to the F-troop, I think a red-dot wearing Glock would be the ideal host for a suppressor. However, that holster is gayer than Tom Cruise […]

Winning in Hypen Town

Saw this newly amended sign while taking the kids to Hanes Park in Winston-Salem this afternoon. Thanks to NC HB 650, which was passed last year and became effective in January, the city’s parks department was obliged to paint over the old, useless warning that banned all weapons, legal or otherwise, and bolted on an […]

Dear Mossberg

Please make this: Chambered in this: Using these magazines: And I’ll be at my dealer with the money. Kind regards, pdb