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{ Monthly Archives } December 2011

Chicago In The Piedmont

So earlier this week, the little bucolic burb of Candor, NC (pop. 800) went and had themselves an election of town commissioners. A quite routine exchanging of hats, a minor change in a minor town. And the first thing the new commission did was to fire 80% of the Candor police department (pop 5): MONTGOMERY […]

You Get What You Ask For

Back in my video game store owning days, I maintained a friendly working relationship with the man who owned the chain of stores in a neighboring town that I’d cut my management teeth on. Even though we were notationally competitors, we were in each others store every week swapping doubles of used games or buying […]

Read Something Somewhere Else

TD’s been playing with his shotguns and has some cool posts up. First, if you’re curious about sending your beat to hell 870 in to Wilson Combat for their Remington Steal overhaul package, you can see what the final results look like here. And if you’re wondering about those $99 870 fixed full choke 870 […]