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{ Monthly Archives } September 2011

Hey Hey LBJ!: pdb’s Unorganized Notes On Retro AR-15s

So TD finally bugged me for a picture of something that wasn’t The Mrs’ rack, and wanted to see my parts bin mixmaster AR-15 after I installed a set of used M16A1 furniture on it: Before: After: Sharp eyed aficionados will notice that my “M16A1” is wearing not only an A2 flash hider, but an […]

Happy Bladeday!

So since everyone else is doing it, (including another member of the clean your damn keyboard club) here’s what manner of knife rides in my pants these days: It’s a Kershaw Blur tanto factory second that I picked up off a very large auction site about a year ago. I’m really digging the assisted opening […]

10 Years Of Fighting And … What?

10 years have passed, several thousand servicemen have died, an order of magnitude more Enemy have been killed, including multiple leaders and dictators, two Enemy governments have been toppled, so why does it seem like we haven’t even started fighting yet? Is our lack of progress due to an intractable Enemy or have we hamstrung […]

Vickers Shooting Method Course Review

Remember that pistol class review I promised? You can read it at

Getting What You Paid For

My childhood was practically narrated by The Muppet Show, Bill Cosby comedy tapes, and WRKP in Cincinnati. One of my favorite bits, and one my dad repeatedly pointed out to me, was this short scene where Venus Flytrap gives a young ne’er do well a lesson in physics: But the important part of the lesson […]

You Know What They Say…

I’ll have a more detailed review up later, but this past Friday I attended a Vickers Shooting Method class down in Salisbury with Defensive Concepts North Carolina. It was a tightly scheduled 8.5 hours that compared to an earlier class I attended, focused on fundamentals while glossing over some of the more add-on tactics. I […]

Quick Note on SHTF Bags

Okay, one thing I’ve seen in a few places, and I’m not naming any names, but it’s really been bugging the crap out of me. So you’ve got a bag full of useful stuff in case of emergencies. Loss of civil authority due to riots, natural disasters, zombies, what have you. Cool. So if you’re […]