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{ Monthly Archives } August 2011


I think this is the dumbest crock of shit I’ve read on the internet this week. To sum up, the proprietor of a commercial gun blog that is largely boring and unoriginal and generates traffic by copying other people’s original posts, is whining that nobody links to him other than Glenn Reynolds, and therefore he’s […]

The LULZ, They Are Everlasting!

American Defense Enterprises: Epic Facepalm In 3 Parts

So this weekend, Tam was kind enough to point us to a yootoob showing off the stunning martial feats of a bunch of disorganized clownshoes calling themselves American Defense Enterprises. The amount of fail and buffoonery in this single video could be blogfodder for weeks, but I’ll try and keep it short. Hopefully this will […]

Even More Point Shooting Nonsense

So now it’s my friend Caleb’s turn to point out obnoxious point-shooting fail. I know I keep telling you people to pony up for some pistol training if you carry regularly, but not all schools are created equal. Picking the wrong school can be even worse than getting no instruction at all. Let’s have a […]