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{ Monthly Archives } July 2011

pdb Reviews The Crimson Trace Light Guard: Part 1

Shortly after posting my review of carrying a G19 with a Streamlight TLR-1 flashlight concealed, Iain Harrison of Crimson Trace emailed me and asked if I wanted to have a look at a new pistol light they were developing. After he promised not to lick my head, I agreed, and my copy arrived a couple […]

Thinking Too Hard About Cars 2

So Mrs pdb and I shelled out a staggering amount of cash and took Jack to see his first movie on the big screen. Between seeing Cars about 23000 times and owning about enough Pixar merchandise that we probably have an ice cream dispenser named in our honor at the Pixar campus cafeteria, we of […]

How Now Dead Cow? pdb Reviews The Blade-Tech Phantom IWB Holster

So I needed a concealed carry holster for my Glock 17. For reasons that will become clear later, I was looking at not having my Glock 19 available to carry for a couple weeks. While I’ve shot several matches and more than a few practice rounds with my 1911A1 without failure, I wasn’t looking forward […]

Herman Cain Should Not Become President

Islam is a disgusting, vile, oppressive and brutally misogynistic totalitarian ideology. It is fundamentally incompatible with modern pluralistic civilization. Nations dominated by its followers produce nothing of value, generate no scientific discoveries or engineering feats and are entirely dependent on extracting minerals from the earth to finance themselves. Inside western nations, it appeals to the […]