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{ Monthly Archives } April 2011

Let’s Compromise

If it’s one thing that I hear in excess from the anti-liberty coalition, it’s that the stupid, redneck cousinhumpers who make up the pro-gun camp need to compromise on this issue and trade away half of their liberty now instead of all of it, and everyone’s supposed to be happy with that. Recently, the strangely […]

More Gun Lust

If you simply must have a 1911, Hilton Yam says you could do worse than a S&W E-Series. When it comes to 1911s, if Hilton Yam speaks it, you should listen! Fellow #gbc denizen Salamander shows off a Beretta S687 that had the good luck to cross his path recently. If I was a little […]


I’m at a strange, unfamiliar place in my career as a gun owner. I’m fairly satisfied with the guns I own for the shooting I do, or anticipate I might have to do in the future, and the list of my wants has dwindled to buying redundant duplicates of guns I have, or in a […]