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{ Monthly Archives } March 2011

My Orange Is Better Than Your Apple!

I spent this morning by emptying the gun safe at casa del pdb, recording the serial numbers and a picture of the items within, wiping them down, and putting them back in. As I held both my Mutt AR and my long suffering Norinco NHM91, I was reminded both of the eternal “AK or AR?!” […]


I imagine that all gun owners eventually play out in their mind a scenario where they have to take a life in self defense. It is unpleasant to think about, but like many problems in life, it is best considered ahead of time and not in the heat of the moment. Apart from the violence […]

Another Set of Notes From Another Match

For the first time in my life, I have attended 2 competitions in two months! This month’s edition of the PHA 2-gun match was just as well attended as last month’s event, but ran twice as smoothly and had a food tent! Does anything taste better than a burger cooked over open flame at a […]

Leave Rebecca Black Alone!

So we’re all supposed to be laughing and pointing at this teenaged girl whose parents bought her time in a recording studio for a vanity song and video project, because the result was not a timeless classic: It’s not my cup of tea, Led Zepplin it’s not. But then again, what is these days? Is […]

Bring The Light

Apart from pistols themselves, I suspect that the accessory most often purchased and yet least carried is the pistol mounted flashlight. Rails on pistols of all sizes have wildly proliferated to the point where it’s more strange to see a new gun without one than with. It then only follows that gun owners would run […]