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{ Monthly Archives } January 2011

Notes On Holster Selection

Last week I was quizzed on what to look for in concealment holsters by a couple of co-workers. Like most equipment selection questions, there are a lot of different answers, but not a lot of wrong ones. We live in a wonderful time when hundreds of holster makers can reach their customers with just a […]

Point Shooting, Again

Every once in a while, like a recurring bout of herpes blisters (or skateboarders), point shooting advocates come crawling out of the woodwork to try and ensnare the unwary. Even in posts about the 1911. I had this to say four years ago and my position has not changed. Unsighted pistol fire is a vital […]


In all of industrial design history, there is probably not a single piece of equipment that was as instantaneously, unexpectedly disruptive and epochal as the 1911 Browning design self loading pistol. Other game-changers like the Model T automobile, DC-3 airplane, FT diesel locomotive and IBM PC were more of a culmination of efforts, processes and […]