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{ Monthly Archives } June 2010


From Tom – The difference between the majority and Justice Thomas doesn’t affect the fact that the Second Amendment now applies to state and local reguation. This is me doing my happy dance!

pdb Vs. The Winston-Salem Pravda, Episode VI

This editorial gets a grade of F! Class, this is an example of the kind of sloppy nonsense that will get you a failing grade in the School of Life. Instead of relying on flowery rhetoric and emotional arguments, try to stick to FACTS and LOGIC. They are more interesting than base emotions, because they […]

pdb Vs. The Winston-Salem Pravda: Episode The Fifth

Wow, an amazing two-fer today! Not only do the anonymous editors of the Journal show their love for government tyranny, but in the same editorial also expose their ignorance of basic physics and electrical engineering! If the anonymous editors of the Journal and the eco-fascists at Earthjustice were so concerned about mountaintop mining, why did […]

Bob Etheridge (D-NC2) Is A Petty, Cowardly Tyrant

And imagine if the amateur videographer had dared to defend himself? I wonder who would walk away in cuffs? Also imagine if it had been a Republican representative who had assaulted a progressive journalist? I somehow doubt the publicity would be limited to blogs and Youtube. The hypocrisy is undeniable. Usually fascists get unions or […]

Mechs Suck, Go Back To Watching Cartoons

Despite flunking out of college pretty much under the influence of the original white-book Battletech (Warhammers forever!), one of the things that makes reading about future AFV development online absolutely infuriating for me is the inevitable piping up of some pimply faced nerd who was absolutely entranced by the idea of piloting an unstoppable building […]

Go Here Read This Do It Now

My last shift for the week at BigHFCSCorp went by fast for a change, because I spent the entire night reading every damn post at Raindogblue I always like a good cop blog, but this one is art. Highly recommended.


So now everybody’s got an opinion Mike Seeklander’s 30 round 30-06 Whiff! on Top Shot. Roundup at Sayuncle. Mike mea culpa was extremely classy and I hope that if I ever whiff as bad on TV, I will be as manly. I find it interesting that the responses can be grouped into roughly two categories: […]

pdb’s Top Shot Notes From The Facebooks

So I watched Caleb’s debut on Top Shot last night. Simply unable to passively sit and watch something for an hour, I parked myself in front of the televisor with my Eee and bombarded the Fazeboog with my inane thoughts. (I wasn’t on the channel because apt-get is broken on Eeebuntu 4.0 Beta and didn’t […]

Suck It, NASA!

Compare and contrast: Cost to launch the Ares-I stick of fail once: $1 Billion. Total cost to develop Ares-I: $40 Billion. Capital invested by SpaceX to develop and launch Falcon I, Falcon 9 and Dragon: $500 Million. NASA is the failed past. Private space is the shining future. If I was a bright eyed engineering […]

Notes On The Cumbria Shootings

News story from the Telegraph. Derrick Bird spent three and a half hours shooting people with (presumably) a sporting double with birdshot. Yet in all that time, he was tailed by police and they never closed to engage! Are cops over there cockless cowards or what? In the hands of a psychopath, even a Fudd-friendly, […]