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{ Monthly Archives } May 2010


NICOSIA (AFP) – Hundreds of activists braced on Friday for the final leg of their attempt to bust the Gaza Strip embargo, a bid Israel vowed to defeat, as each side accused the other of violating international law. Two cargo ships and five smaller boats loaded with thousands of tonnes of supplies and hundreds of […]

How About That Local Sports Team?

(Continuing from yesterday…) Boy, it sure is a bad week for infrastructure here in Hyphen-Town! Hole in a bridge on University Parkway. Busted water main on Country Club Road, road closed for a week. Sinkhole drops 2 lanes of First Street, repairs for a month. Good thing we spent $50 million building a single-A minor […]

pdb Vs. The Winston-Salem Pravda: Episode 4.

Inspired by Mz Tam… Y’all enjoying that $50 million ballpark yet? Once again we see that when tax revenues fall, the first things to be cut are not handouts to the mayor’s cronies, ‘fact finding’ missions to luxury resorts or salaries to useless school administrators but essential services like teachers, police and fire departments, and […]

Personal Space

So we’ve all laughed and pointed at Mathew Temkin and his facepalmingly bad “instructional video”. Folks seem to be universally agreed that a) he shoots like old people fornicate and b) closing the distance between you and a threat when you have a gun is stupid. I’m not so sure on either. Disclaimer: None of […]

No Such Thing As A Magic Sword…

…but some swords are a lot less magic than others.

Western Infantry Rifle Development 1930-2010

MZW lays it out for us in one easy to read post. Army: Alright, we’ll do as the scientists say, mostly because the M14 really isn’t doing anything a Garand doesn’t, and not as well, really. Sorry, Springfield. But, we have to IMPROVE this new rifle! Change that bolt! Change that rifling rate! Change that […]

That’ll Show ’em!

“Take that, face! I didn’t need that stupid nose anyway!” I note that nobody demonizes the JPFO or GOA.

Why Papa Mikhail Drinks

There are compelling reasons to modify an AK pattern rifle. There are improvements on the stock configuration that the amateur enthusiast can perform. This rifle has none of them. Please, for the love of all that’s good and holy, lay off the crack pipe before browsing through the TAPCO catalog with a 40 and a […]

Civil Collapse, Pt2

In some ways, Canada is ahead of the curve: During the first part of the drive, the convoy ran into a few members of the Ontario Provincial Police without incident. One officer even went so far as to tell the organizers that there was only one other patrol for the rest of the route. Turns […]