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{ Monthly Archives } April 2010

What Civil Collapse Looks Like

Starting this coming Monday, Philadelphia Police officers will no longer be responding to minor fender benders. Motorists will have to fend for themselves and call the nearest police district on their own. Philadelphia Police officials said they respond to nearly 70,000 auto accidents each year, adding about 10,000 do not require a police officer. “We […]


Just to clear a few things up, I really don’t think that insurance agents are bloodsucking, amoral leeches. They really do help ordinary people manage their life risks! Also, USPSA is an important part of the shooting community and I am quite sure that its practitioners are not necessarily attracted to other men. (Although there’s […]

pdb Vs. The Winston-Salem Pravda: Pt 3.

So according to “litetech” and the anonymous editors of the Journal, if the legislature passed a law that, say, limited free speech or violated other parts of the constitution, it would be ok since a majority of legislators voted for it? What a crock. Since we do not live in a democracy, but a constitutionally […]

Short Notes On Carry In NC For The Convention Bound

No carry in establishments that serve alcohol for consumption on premises. No carry with any alcohol in your system. No concealed carry in banks. Open carry is technically ok, but is uncommon. No carry at events where admission is charged to enter. No carry at demonstrations or picket lines. (Which leads me to wonder if […]