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{ Monthly Archives } December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Glad tidings to you and yours! I’d like to reiterate my remarks from 2 years ago: Merry Christmas to all you gullible, superstitious, dead-Jew-on-a-stick-ians! And happy solstice to all you dour, humorless, mechanistic deity deniers! This year, I think we can all agree to remember what the Christmas season is really about: Executing a daring […]

A New Blog For You To Read!

Since I don’t appear to be writing much here, I recommend you check out the Secular Right. Occupying the sparsely populated intersection of limited government and atheism, the quality of writing and writers is very high. They are my kind of peeps. Additionally, lend an ear to Vicious Circle #29 to hear some of the […]