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{ Monthly Archives } August 2009

What Not To Do

Okay folks, time for a teaching moment. Consider this local gent, who recently confronted a pair of juvenile would-be burglars who were casing his domicile. Steve Beal, 47, who lives at the house with his father and mother, said he saw the two young men walk up to the door with a crowbar and peer […]


I cannot think of another member of the Senate who was as vehement, consistent and long lived foe of American liberty as Ted Kennedy. He was a philandering, murdering, mendacious, socialist piece of shit who will be missed by no one except idiots who failed economics and fear freedom. And the media, but I repeat […]

That Damn Squirrel

First Breda, then Marko… Is this the new thing? Yep, I think so. Is your blog… ??

Be Careful!

Be careful when making reloaded ammo! Be careful when making reloaded ammo for an autoloader that you firmly seat and/or correctly crimp the bullet! Be careful when making reloaded ammo for an autoloader that can fire out of battery! This is why we wear ear and eye protection at all times at the range, folks. […]

I Concur!

Think B4 You Speak is gay.

A Moron Writes More On War Gear

Inspired by the comment thread here, I’d like to revisit the various types of cool-dude nylon you can buy to carry some rifle magazines around with you. The way I see it, if your local situation is discombobulated enough to justify walking around with a fighting long arm, you will probably also want to carry […]

Night Of The Living Dead Post

So a “Henry Stilson” comes along and resurrects my 3 year old mostly humorous but more true post on building a cheap AR from parts and snidely inquires: How many rifle fights do you get into and where? I am reminded of the old saw about concealed carry: Bedwetting liberal: “Why do you even need […]

How Not To Get Shot, The Latest In A Series

From the lovely metropolis of Charlotte, rapidly developing into Detroit South, we see two people who didn’t get Tam’s memo: Item 1: A woman was shot in the arm while standing in the parking lot of an east Charlotte apartment complex. The incident happened around 1 a.m. today at the Stanford Reserve apartments on Kelston […]

I’m Outraged!

The hawkeyed newshounds at MSNBC caught this travesty at a recent town hall protest in Portsmouth, NH: I know, I’m thinking it too: Why on earth was that guy wearing his sidearm in a drop-leg holster? I didn’t see an all over plate carrier on him? And it was adjusted way too low. Putting your […]


Small businesses that received $682 million in IOUs from the state say California expects them to pay taxes on the worthless scraps of paper, but refuses to accept its own IOUs to pay debts or taxes. This would be more funny if it was mere farce and not a preview…