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{ Monthly Archives } July 2009


Robb Allen breaks the Obama “birth” “certificate” “controversy” wide open! Dude, I’d go underground if I was you. Remember all those people Clinton killed? Remember who’s SecState now?!?

I Endorse This Indivudal

If there was any justice, Chris Dodd would be in jail. Short of that, I would settle for replacing his corrupt, socialist ass with a person who actually understands economics. Peter Schiff for Senate!

They’re Back! Again!

Four years (four years!) after I had posted about my efforts to discourage idiot skateboarders from skateboarding where it was prohibited, and two years (two years!) after the last time we visited this subject, idiot skateboarders have again resurrected the post and commented on it to tell me off! Commenter #11 takes me to task […]

Bigger Than Apollo

A small Malaysian satellite was delivered to orbit late Monday night from the tiny atoll of Kwajalein far off in the Pacific Ocean and thousands of miles from the U.S. mainland. Forty years after the first moon landing and over half a century after Sputnik, the launch of small satellites has become routine. But this […]

Picking A Trainer

Mr Alex asks in comments below: I’m looking hard at which schools deserve my money and which don’t. Why is John Farnam on your recommend list, while Gabe Suarez and Bill Rogers are not? I only listed trainers as recommended that I or a trusted source have personal experience with, or is someone I’ve heard […]

Mythical Creatures

Once again, we see there is no such thing as a pro-gun leftist. Documentation courtesy of Caleb and Joe Huffman. Individual progressives may own guns and like them, but eventually their desire to control others overwhelms whatever tolerance they have for other people owning guns. We often repeat that you can’t have liberty without guns. […]

Aces High!

On this date in 1940, the German Luftwaffe started probing the defenses of the British home islands in earnest, attacking naval convoys in the English Channel in order to goad the Royal Air Force into fighting. What Churchill had already named the Battle of Britain a month before was on. Historians still argue over whether […]

Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Once upon a time, educated, comfortable, privileged men gambled their very lives on a slim chance at political liberty. Now we have uneducated people throwing away political liberty in favor of comfortable slavery. Once upon a time, we started wars over a 1% tax. Now we can’t even muster outrage over an effective 50% tax […]

Someone Got Told!

Hey guys, remember that dipshit stupid Tactical Response “training video” going around a while back where the students engaged in a drill best described as “Don’t shoot the cameraman”? Well, an organization of trainers with significant clue just weighed in: A number of IALEFI members have voiced their concern regarding the exceptionally unsafe firearms training […]