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{ Monthly Archives } June 2009

Bread and Circuses

In case you haven’t heard, the Democrats are trying to pass the biggest tax increase in history, grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, socialize one sixth of the nation’s economy, all while neglecting national defense even as North Korea threatens nuclear war and an incipient civil war brews in Iran. But what’s dominating the […]

Remarks On A Local Shooting

So four local ne’er do wells decided to plunder the incorrect domicile the other night. The local socialist monopoly rag has the scant details. The victim told police that shortly after 10 p.m. he answered a knock on the door of his apartment on Winster Drive. The victim said four men in dark clothing and […]

Revenge Of The Vicious Circle!

This week on the Vicious Circle, the official topic is pacifism, and one specific idiot pacifist. But as usual, we rapidly sidetrack onto neo-Nazis, hate speech, nuclear reactors, space travel, particle physics, dolphin group sex, foreign policy, evolutionary morality and someone’s nutsack! WUZZLE!

Product Review: Freeze Dried Pork Chops

My extremely pale compatriot takes one for the team and test drives a can of 20 year old freeze dried pork chops. It’s the most terrifying thing I’ve seen in weeks. I’m also pondering ordering a can or two.


On this date in 1967, the Israeli Air Force caught the entire Arab world with their pants down and turned the enemy’s air forces into the world’s biggest Russian aircraft u-pull-it. Six days later, Israeli tanks sat smugly on the bank of the Suez and the passes of the Golan, having whupped many times their […]


There’s another Vicious Circle up! Spend an hour with the Howard Stern of gun podcasting and his miscreants as we discuss who talks funny! Spoiler: While I might not talk the funniest, I am pretty sure I’m the most retardedest.


Despite the fact that I have two, count ’em, two, automobiles in the driveway that are not only paid for, but have never leaked fluids, have never left me stranded, are comfortable and efficient, have never blown up a transmission or required me to spend days wrenching on them, I spent a good portion of […]