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{ Monthly Archives } May 2009

Another Week, Another Vicious Circle

OBTW, there’s more Vicious Circle for your pleasure this week! We discuss our personal favorite guns, feed the dramallama some delicious hate, make fun of bicyclists and Segway cops, discuss bicycle carry options and applaud Caleb’s performance at Bianchi Cup! Tune your MP3 device to the special limited edition 10th Vicious Circle!

Memorial Day

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” — General George S. Patton

HS Precision: Still A Bunch Of Douchebags

The investigative reporting I alluded to earlier has been typed up and posted! Head over to Stingray’s to read about HS Precision taking douchebaggery and tone-deafness to a whole new level. Including threats of violence! Add HS Precision to the list of companies we do not need representing shooters.

Quick Thoughts on The Ruger SR-556

You have probably heard that Ruger now sells an AR-15! Famous for indifferent QC, hostility towards politically incorrect firearms and heavy service autos encumbered with faggotry like slide mounted safeties, double action triggers and magazine disconnectors, Ruger’s first AR entry is a fully loaded railfarm with a proprietary piston action. It will MSRP for $1999, […]

Front Sight Fail

The long and tortured story of Pahrump Nevada’s Front Sight academy is about looking like it will come to a close after a Federal Court lowered the boom on the operation for violating pretty much every single one of the terms of the court settlement. It’s just the latest example of scummy behavior from the […]

Vicious Circle, Desert Tan Edition!

This week, join Alan, the Atomic Nerds and TD as they wrap up the NRA Convention and the 2nd Amendment Blog Bash! Highlights include ragging on the NRA, discussion of Stingray’s dating disasters, the tacticoach, drinking, and I owe a lot of damn money to someone!

Coincidnce or …?

What kind of strange people would show up to the NRA convention all wearing the same nerdy shirts with all that text on the back? It’s almost like a … conspiracy!


I have it on good authority that a certain desert dwelling nerd with a voice recorder will make a nuisance of himself to the advocates of hostage shooting in HS Precision’s booth at the NRA Convention this morning. Bulletins at once!


What do you get if you take a rusted out 1971 GTV 1750, a Honda F20C 2.0L from a wrecked S2000, a garage, a few years of spare time, blood, sweat and toil, painstaking attention to detail and 28 pages of forum chatter? Pure rolling awesome, that’s what! No, it’s not for the purist. But […]

Top Five Impractical-But-Cool Firearms

First sighted at Tam’s, rules here. NB: I wish to own an example of all of these! Winchester 9410 lever action shotgun. If John Wayne came back from the dead and wanted to hunt little birds, USRAC is ready! S&W 5906. Everybody who’s watched a Tarantino flick has wanted one. Shiny and well proportioned, it […]