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{ Monthly Archives } April 2009

Vicious Circle!

Combine the finest minds of the gunblogosphere with skype, some alcohol and a loose topic and you get the Vicious Circle! In episode #6, we discuss the increasing marginalization of gun owners AND the recent 2nd amendment incorporation case from California. On the subject of incorporation, only ONE of us knows what the hell he’s […]


Windowed PMAGs in stock at Brownells. Wolf brand steel cased 5.56 NATO and 7.62×39 in stock at AIM for about $280 a case of 1000 rounds. Sold out! You snooze you lose! Also, has made the items they actually have in stock as their “featured items”, and they have a good selection of metallic […]

Buy A Gun Day!

Sadly, I had to sit this year out again, due to the rapidly approaching “Buy Jackson A Bigger House Day”, which overwhelms BAG Day in both magnitude and local political importance. However, I would have totally bought this lovely Herter’s Mauser in 300 Winchester Magnum at Goddamned Cherry’s for only $295! Chuck that strange B&L […]


Day 9, I am composed of suck and fail. I do hate being a lardass. The problem is, I hate it only marginally more than I hate exercise.

Podcast Again!

This week’s episode of the Vicious Circle involves the usual suspects discussing life without the Internets! We ramble a lot, but we are amusing, and damn I’ve got a sexy voice. Give it a listen today! Also, theme music!

Money Relocated To Vicinity Of Mouth

As of right now, I am maintaining a log of my efforts to turn myself from a flabby, yet tall and imposing lardass into a shape more befitting my neo-nazi bestowed nickname. I will not be logging my calorie intake for the moment, but instead keep track of my weight and hopefully increasing capacity for […]

An Important Post You Should Read!

In this time of economic woe and super expensive ammunition and hard to get guns, would you like to improve your shooting, get more from your practice and training, and increase your odds of surviving a lethal force encounter for little or no monetary outlay? Stingray has the details! I’m as guilty of this as […]

Blogger See, Blogger Do

My Mondays are always made brighter by Marko going over his blog’s search engine hits. I thought I’d try the same, but mine are all boring and gun related! 25 yards zeroing an m4 is equal too 100 yards? No it is not, and here is why. marlin 60 optics Any low power scope ought […]

Entertainment Suggestion, Again!

Mark Steyn is guest hosting for Rush again on Monday. Be sure to tune in, and if you enjoy what you hear, please don’t forget to let them know!


This has already been better covered by Lawdog and Breda, but I too wish to express my anger that the freely elected president of the Light of The West should kowtow to some uncivilized wog king. We are Americans. We do not ‘do’ royalty. We have sworn eternal hostility towards kings, queens, presidents for life, […]