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{ Monthly Archives } March 2009

Rush Shrugs

Like I said earlier, I’m not a regular listener, but I saw this bit quoted on Drudge with the amusing headline: RUSH TO NEW YORK: DROP DEAD! So naturally I had to read it. When I am there working I pay whatever, you know, my rate is based on income for that day in New […]


Thanks to Alan for putting together the Vicious Circle, an audio offshoot of #gunblogger_conspiracy. This week, we sat down (with pants on) to discuss the effect porn has had on the development of the internets. Give it a listen! Hear Alan, Unix_Jedi, TD, Stingray, Whitebread, myself and a mystery guest! discuss porn at work, drive-in […]

For Sale!

Any interest in a Leatherwood M1A / M14 scope mount? Retails for a c-note, yours for $85 shipped.

Body Count

So some ghastly lowlife in Carthage, NC decided the only way he could leave his stamp on this world was to walk into a nursing home and take the lives of 8 innocents. He also wounded three others, including a responding police officer. He was temporarily taken out of action by the local PD, so […]

Morality Quiz!

Consider a snack vending machine at your work. It has stolen your money in the past, and the procedure for applying for a refund is laughably slow and stingy. This particular evening, it has not only eaten your dollar, but appears to be on the fritz! You come back and check on it a little […]


So, does this count as good luck or bad luck? According to the Nagasaki Municipal Government, Yamaguchi was three kilometers from Ground Zero in Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945, while on a business trip as an engineer for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works. He sustained heavy burns on the left side of […]

Entertainment Suggestion

Mark Steyn is guest hosting the Rush Limbaugh show today! Even if you are not a Rush listener, I strongly suggest you set aside 12-3 EST today. I suppose it’s terribly unhip of me to say so, but if I’m driving around in the early afternoon, I’ll tune in to Rush. He sometimes belabors the […]


So a few weeks ago, we watched The Boondock Saints for Thursday night movie night on the channel. Something about this movie has puzzled me since. Despite taking place in Boston, the two lead characters spoke in Irish accents, despite being born in America! Does this really happen? Do we actually have entire neighborhoods of […]

Actions Have Consequences

On this date four years ago, Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena got herself and her security team shot the hell up by the US Army after they ran a roadblock at triple digit speeds in Iraq. Naturally, there are conflicting reports on to what happened. But the lessons to be drawn are pretty clear: Smart people […]

Stopping Power!

It might take one, it might take two, it might take seven. The differences in wounding potential of all handgun calibers are within the margin of error. I don’t carry a sixteen shooter because I might have to shoot sixteen guys. I carry a sixteen shooter because I might have to shoot a couple guys […]