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{ Monthly Archives } January 2009

Austrian Economics = RACIST !!!

So this morning, SRF extraordinaire Mr Grouchy Old Cripple directs us to this hysterical piece of attention whoring by someone called Michael Lind, who is apparently a senior fellow at the “New America Foundation”, which sounds very impressive, doesn’t it? It is a shame that apparently there is very little understanding of logic, history or […]


Personally, I think a carry gun I can shoot 16 or 18 times before reloading is pretty damn cool.


This is the most alarming thing I have seen all year. That massive spike on the right? That’s not a data error, that is happening RIGHT NOW. The money supply has almost DOUBLED in under a fiscal year. Like the guy said at the source, we have never been here before. How on earth is […]

pdb Vs The Lizard Women

The scene: pdb is on vacation in Florida! On the eve of departure he is at the Deerfield Beach (which has neither deer, or fields, nor beaches) Wallymart to return a defective air mattress and purchase some carbonated caffiene for the drive home. After spending 30 minutes waiting in line at the customer service desk, […]

Rule 5

The guys I regularly train with always begin each class with a detailed safety lecture, including a dissertation on Cooper’s 4 cardinal rules of gun safety. They also tack on a fifth, which I believe is very important, and isn’t something that can be derived from a reading of the canonical four: Do not attempt […]

Unpopular Questions

Unrelated, but these have been bothering my feeble mind of late: Why do people believe a 125gr bullet flying at 1300fps from a .357 Magnum revolver is a decisive fight stopper, but a 124gr bullet launched at 1200fps from a 9mm autoloader is an anemic, underpowered europellet? In FY2007, the federal government spent more money […]

Coming Attractions!

If the trailer is any indication. this upcoming shotgun training DVD from Blackwater looks like it will be worth buying: I’m still of the opinion that a good autoloader is preferable to the pump, and particularly the 870, but as you can see, the pump is as fast as you are! I do question coming […]


Consider the Eee PC 1000. The good news is that the hardware is excellent. The aesthetic design is a little disjointed and clunky, but the new metal cased 1002s are very sexy. The keyboard is much better than any mini notebook deserves, the computational parts themselves might be fast (more on that in a minute) […]

Just So’s That Y’all Know…

…as we go about eulogizing Ricardo Montalban, keep in mind that it is in fact “soft Corinthian Leather”, not “rich Corinthian Leather”, as available on the Chrysler Cordoba. Wiki says so, so it must be true.

Welcome to 2009!

I resolve to give up amphetamines and increase my number of wives to 3! I’m assured of at least 50% success.