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{ Monthly Archives } December 2008

Notes From Vacation

Hello from lovely Southern Florida! I know I have bitched about the place in the past (the words “flat and stinky” may have been used), but I’ve been to worse places in this Union and could see relocating here if worst came to worst in NC. This particular part is a little too crowded for […]

Today In Laconic Retort History…


Conflict Management

Damn, I stay offline for a couple of days and the wimmins get all uppity! It may come as a shock and surprise, but I unhesitatingly side with Breda, Tam and Labrat on this one. John Farnam in particular is a big on teaching students to manage the pre-fight confrontation. Since you win every single […]

3 Flavor Popcorn In A Decorative Tin!


Notes On Zeroing The Defensive Rifle

Fellow #gunblogger_conspiracy (oh yeah, we’ve got a blog now. Check that shit out!) cabalist Paul recently pushed the pins in on his new AR and asked me about zeroing it in. I hadn’t thought about it too much, so I just told him to twiddle the knobs until he was on at 25 yards, which, […]

My Only Post On 3%’ers

This whole brouhaha has been tedious and annoying, and worst of all, unentertaining until Beck went after KdT over at Kevin’s. Look, if arms have not been taken up against the FedGov after 1934, 1968, 1986, 1994, Waco, Ruby Ridge and whatever other rapes of liberty that have been committed over the last century, then […]

Marketing Fail

The Winston-Salem Warthogs, the local AAA baseball team affiliated with the Chicago White Sox, have decided to needlessly choose a new name to go along with their needless brand new stadium on Crackhead Street. Since the decision was made by committee, naturally the most stupefyingly lame team name was chosen. “The Dash”. No, really. As […]

I Agree With This Post

Tam waxes awesome on personal defense. I find myself in complete agreement with nothing more to add! This is a new experience for me! Is this what it’s like for you people when you read my posts? How interesting!