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{ Monthly Archives } November 2008

Garand Gear

Below, I suggested that a M1 Garand from the CMP is a excellent substitute for the currently popular military style autoloading defensive rifles such as the AR and AK, if you don’t mind a ten pound rifle. But how would an M1 shooter go about toting ammunition in a MOLLE world? The answer: The SOE […]

Kalashnikov Buying Advice

Mr Chizumatic asks in comments: OT: This guy wants to buy an AK. Got any advice for him? Yeah, if you can find an AK for sale, buy it. Jeeze Louise, the practical rifle market is absolutely bugnut screaming bonkers. Del-Ton is running 8-16 weeks behind on parts orders, let alone whole rifles! If […]

Lessons From Mumbai

So the religion of peace has struck again, this time endangering critical supplies of cheap coders, poppadoms and awesomely bad music videos. Unlike previous al Qaeda efforts which emphasized a single dramatic target over a more distributed approach, this event saw The Enemy attack eight discrete targets over a 60 hour period with only 15 […]

Historic Levels Of Suck And Smug

Let’s tally the suck, shall we? Taxes: They’re going up. I know that Obama promised that 95% of us wouldn’t see a tax hike, but all Obama statements come with an expiration date. All of them. Besides, what the hell good is it to cut taxes for poor people? They don’t produce anything! Sarah Palin […]

pdb Fixes Our Political System In 3 Easy Steps

End IRS paycheck withholding. Your taxes are due, in full, on tax day. Cut a check. Tax day is the same day as election day. You cut a check to the IRS at your polling station before you vote. Only citizens who pay a net tax will be permitted to vote. (Social Security and Medicare/aid […]

My Franchise Has Been Exercised

Light turnout at my local precinct compared to 2004, but I showed up fairly early at 8:30 on my way home from work. I only had to wait 15 minutes total, and my ballot was cast! I now wish to curl up with a comforting bottle of bourbon and await the results. Please make sure […]

View From The Porch

My Paw’s porch, that is. I have seen Nell take on 2 big dogs at once and send them both whimpering.