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{ Monthly Archives } October 2008

Bring It, Bitches!

Via Ace, we are alerted to the feminst Erica Jong, who has declared that if Mr HopeyChangey does not prevail on Tuesday… If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. Seriously? You expect open, pitched battles between bitterly clinging, heavily armed rednecks and … […]

This Movie Cannot Possibly Suck

I got a lol out of Clint’s line @ 1:15. Look, it’s got a Garand, a pimptacular 70s muscle car, and Clint! You do not need any more information.

Appleseed Review

Frequent commenter and fellow #gunblogger_conspiracy regular ExistingThing has posted an excellent and detailed report of his experience at a 2 day Appleseed rifle clinic. I stand by my earlier remarks. I think that teaching students to shoot on reduced scale targets is a great way to frustrate and alienate beginners. I also believe that the […]

I Don’t Remember Asking Y’all

So according to Gallup, the rest of the world would prefer we elect a corrupt, gun hating, tax raising collectivist who does not believe in the exceptionalism of America. This is what is technically called a “No Shit, Sherlock”, considering that the rest of the world is nearly uniformly composed of unfree kleptocracies whose proles […]

Thursday Night Movie Night Rides Again!

Next Thursday night, at 9PM Eastern, the motley crew of / #gunblogger_conspiracy will be viewing the 1980s cinematic masterpiece Night Of The Comet! To solve previous synch problems, we will be watching from the same ripped copy, which may be torrented. Please join the channel for further details. In other news, I suck just […]

Wanna See My Twitter? Since I seem to have difficulty updating a real blog, maybe I can do better with a toy one.

Open Carry and Hot Ranges

So from middle Tejas, Mr Kim opines upon the recent revocation of a Pennsylvania soccer mom’s carry permit because she dared open carry her G26 at a soccer game, while blatantly obeying the law. It may surprise you to read that KdT, he who has previously advocated the hanging of Democrats and reporters from lamp […]

Back In Ur Datacenter, Fixin’ Ur Tubez, Again

As much as I enjoyed staying home and taking care of Lil’ Hickory, an unhappy flurry of bills and a desire to end my personal “no new guns ‘n gear” fast have resulted in my reentry into the vile world of magic elf box tending. As before, my employer and events on the job will […]