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{ Monthly Archives } September 2008

DCNC Defensive Carbine: pdb’s Final Thought

Having had several days to digest the class and what was learned, I keep coming back to a good question in comments: Why exactly would an ordinary slob like myself spend a significant amount of time, money, ammo, sweat and pain to learn a fighting discipline that he is highly unlikely to use? I always […]

Survey Says…!

Ronin! Go buy it, rent it, bittorrent it, iTunes it, whatever. Just have it ready for Thursday night! 9PM Eastern,, #gunblogger_conspiracy !!

Thursday Night Movie Night!

To my total surprise, the IRC channel has become a self sustaining entity, with as many as 20 people in at once and conversations going on at all hours of the day! In order to probe further depths of geekery, we’ve decided to hold a movie night next Thursday. Starting at 9PM Eastern (time subject […]

Seven Years Ago Today…

One year ago today I wrote this, and I really don’t have a lot to add to it. I do sometimes doubt that our teevee soaked, entitlement culture will have the intestinal fortitude to prevail in this war. But then I realize we’re still producing guys like THIS and I know we’ll pull through.

Class Review: DCNC Defensive Carbine: Pictures!

Day 1. Day 2. Guns ‘n Gear Notes.

But They’re Never Seen In The Same Place…

Eerie resemblance or elaborate cover-up? I report, you decide.

Class Review: DCNC Defensive Carbine: Guns ‘n Gear

Carbines: The Stoner direct gas impingement system was overwhelmingly represented, with most students carrying 16″ flat tops with railed handguards, vertical foregrips and collapsible stocks. One guy ran a pretty stock 7.62×39 AK with a AK-74 folding stock, and another busted out his 9mm upper for the 2nd day. I don’t recall the manufacturer, but […]

Class Review: DCNC Defensive Carbine Day 2

Day 1 here. Day 2 started off in the dirt again as we checked our zeroes from prone. Fortunately, nobodies sights had wandered around overnight, so we were ready to leave our rifles slung and get the pistols out. We started with the instructors giving an abbreviated pistol refresher, including the draw stroke, trigger control […]

Class Review: DCNC Defensive Carbine Day 1

I always get a little frustrated with myself writing these things up, because I seem to spend more time talking about guns and gear than what was actually taught. But it is hard to convey in text what is easily demonstrated in person. It is also difficult to completely relay the sheer volume of information […]

Datapoint For Marko

Near the end of carbine class, we were all sitting around chatting while the instructors set up the diabolical final shoot. The topic of employment came up, and I came right out and said “Stay at home mom.” This was met with unanimous envy.