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{ Monthly Archives } July 2008

Dear Green Bay Packers:

Sirs, I am willing to not play quarterback for you for the mere sum of $50000 a year for 10 years, saving you $19.5 million dollars over paying Brett Favre $20M to not play quarterback for you. Since I have very little clue as to how to play quarterback, I’m positive I can do a […]

This Has Gone Too Far

Yes, big rims are cool. We concede the point. Now please stop.

New No Lock J-Frames!

Details and a picture here. Color me disgustipated. The things that happen when I have no disposable income! If you’re going to buy one, please buy a second one and hold on to it until I have a job, thanks? Incidentally, if you want one and are local, Morris Firearms in Yadkinville has a handful […]

Gunblogger Drama: We Haz It

I wasn’t gonna say anything about KdT throwing in the towel again, but my friend the unix_jedi went ahead and did anyway. I endorse this post. I reject the idea that the gunblogging community needs a self appointed single point of contact, and even if we did have one, it ought to be at least […]

Big Czech Pimpin’

The only reason to commission a custom pistol is personal vanity, but sometimes, personal vanity is pretty fuddermucking sexay.


Police: Accused shooter hated liberals, expected to be killed 4-page letter outlines frustration, hatred of ‘liberal movement’ The shotgun-wielding suspect in Sunday’s mass shooting at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church was motivated by a hatred of “the liberal movement,” and he planned to shoot until police shot him, Knoxville Police Chief Sterling P. Owen […]

Deep Glockish Thoughts

So I hope that we’ve all come away with the proper conclusion from this post, if you can indulge me in some gunnery Zen: your choice of pistol matters because it does not matter. My intent was not so much to play intertubes fanboy as to make the following point: Your gun is not as […]

Alien Elements

Inspired by Mr X, I decided to try my hand at this art stuff.


Idiots. University of Minnesota professor Paul Z. Myers made good on his pledge to desecrate the Eucharist today. According to his statement on the subject, “I pierced it [the Host] with a rusty nail (I hope Jesus’s tetanus shots are up to date). And then I simply threw it in the trash.” … Catholic League […]

Thursday Afternoon Chat Action

[nb: whilst discussing a recent Tamopost, the topic of training comes up…] pdb: also, Clint Smith is a hack td: O RLY? pdb: IMO, yeah td: why’s that? pdb: he doesn’t teach shooting on the move, sul, or doing post-shoot scans, and he teaches all weaver sighted fire, all the time td: you sure? pdb: […]