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{ Monthly Archives } June 2008

Dear Discovery Channel:

Your new song is very cute. Catchy, even. That’s the problem. It’s stuck in my head. It has been for the last 48 hours. I will require you to come remove it now. Thanks, pdb.


10:13 Ben Winograd – The Court has released the opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290), on whether the District’s firearms regulations – which bar the possession of handguns and require shotguns and rifles to be kept disassembled or under trigger lock – violate the Second Amendment. The ruling below, which struck down the […]

Today’s The Day!

Got my morning OJ, got the munchkin on my lap, got my SCOTUSBlog loaded up. All I need to do is wait 2 hours like a moron in line for an iPhone to find out if I’ll need to surrender my lead launchers or place an order for some machine guns. As usual, reality will […]

Today’s Deep Thought

If you go to a concert put on by a one-hit-wonder band, do they just play their hit over and over again all night? Or do you have to show up early to make sure you don’t miss their one song that didn’t suck?

The Future of Firearms Training!

I predict that it won’t be long until all the big names in the defensive ballistic martial arts will add a nekkid plastic doll to their classrooms. Before this innovation, did anyone truly understand that the proper Weaver stance involved keeping your dominant arm elbow parallel to the ground? But I do have to point […]

No Ruling For You!

No Heller today. Try again Thursday, sez the magic 8 ball. Which also points out: 10:12 Tom Goldstein – The only opinion remaining from the March sitting is Heller. The only Justice without a majority opinion from that sitting is Justice Scalia. Tingle!

Kind of A Guest Post

Mr C.E. “Ed” Harris was kind enough to contribute the following article in the comments of my Winchester 94 post. So I dragged it out of obscurity and put it up for everyone to enjoy!

That’s My Boy

Ladies and gentlemen, my offspring, in all his demure glory.

My Internets Be Broked

New Firefox = teh win! But not being able to install Adblock Plus (Not yet compatible with 3.0) = teh suck. There are all these ads all over commercial websites! Has it been like that long? Everything takes so long to load! Why do people put up with that?

I Do Not Understand People

Squeaky got there first, but I’ve got more to say. I’m sure you’ve heard about this appalling story out of California: TURLOCK, Calif. — Police killed a 27-year-old man as he kicked, punched and stomped a toddler to death despite other people’s attempts to stop him on a dark, country road, authorities said. But if […]