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{ Monthly Archives } April 2008

S&W Sucks

I generally don’t like full sized revolvers for carry, but I wouldn’t mind picking up a snubbie. But it damn sure won’t be a S&W: Details here. I’ll never own a gun with a lock on it.


Having not considered the possibility before, I suppose that, hypothetically speaking, people could be allowed to not enjoy reading John Ringo‘s books. Like cooking a steak past medium, carrying a pistol that’s not a Glock 19, owning an Italian car or buying DVDs in fullscreen format, it’s a decision that, while dubious, is fully yours […]

Ecology Class

The scene: Mrs pdb is changing Jackson’s diaper in the munchkin room while pdb is in the kitchen, washing bottles for the 24th time this week. pdb can hear the Mrs winding up the African animal mobile and demonstrating the animals for Jackson. “This is an alligator! Alligators go ‘snap! snap!’ And this is a […]

Just Wanted To Say…

…with the growing storm of idiocy around Expelled, I’m expecting a higher than normal incidence of retards publicly failing to understand science. The theory of evolution predicts an increase in allele frequency over time. If you understand these words, we can discuss this subject intelligently. Otherwise, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Thank you, that is all.