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{ Monthly Archives } March 2008

“…My P47, she’s a pretty good ship…”

Here we see art in the making, as a substance abusing Tennessee hillbilly guides a bunch of substance abusing limeys through making a good song for once:

Hot Dino Action

Cutest baby ever? Cutest baby ever.

Book Reviews

Since you’re not reading anything here, I thought I’d suggest some offline stuff to read. Robert D Kaplan’s Hog Pilots, Blue Water Grunts: The sequel and companion piece to Imperial Grunts, is a loving and awe filled yet sober tour of the forward deployed modern American military. From green berets training Algerian special forces, to […]

Smile When You Say That

While that result is merely an amusing confuence of keywords, it does refer nicely to one of my favorite posts from my blog-city days, the story of my poor 1911. One day I’ll get it fixed. One day.

Now There Goes An Optimist

Sharp Dressed Lass

Cute shoes, cute doggie, cute new revolver, and hooker-red lipstick. A gal could have a pretty good time in Vegas with all that stuff!